Monthly Archives: July 2017

It’s said that guys show more loyalty to their barber than their partners. Well, here are 6 instances when we think it’s OK to cheat on your barber.   1. If they eat whilst cutting your hair Firstly, we’re not advocating starving barbers. No one wants a hangry person near their face with a cut […]

1. Will Smith Rapper-cum-actor Will Smith graced TV screens in the 90’s as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He subsequently went on to influence millions across the globe with his slick rhymes and dope style. Who can forget the school blazer flipped inside out, the two-tone 5 panel caps or the myriad of multicoloured […]

2017 can be declared as the year the Hi-Top fade came back. The haircut that was popularised in the 80’s by everyone from musicians to ballers has been reprised across the African Diaspora.   “First things first…” Riding off the wave of black positivity in the 70’s: think Afro’s, Afro-Picks and Dashikis’. The Hi-Top was […]