5 Iconic Hi-Top fades

1. Will Smith

Rapper-cum-actor Will Smith graced TV screens in the 90’s as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He subsequently went on to influence millions across the globe with his slick rhymes and dope style. Who can forget the school blazer flipped inside out, the two-tone 5 panel caps or the myriad of multicoloured print shirts? Coupled with a great fashion sense, Will’s hairstyle was always on point and more often than not he was rocking the Hi-Top fade.


2. Kid ‘n Play

The duo better known for starring in the ‘House Party’ film series started out as rappers with a penchant for inventing their own dance moves. Arguably Hip Hops first triple-threat double-act, they had everyone dancing the ‘Kid ‘n Play Kickstep’ in the 80’s. Their song ‘Rollin with Kid ‘n Play‘ released in ’89 is still a certified club classic with its captivating call and response chorus. Kids trademark 10 inch Hi-Top fade made sure they grabbed attention wherever they went.


3. De La Soul

The Hip Hop trio renowned for their feel good music and left-field lyrics, famously sported Hi-Top fades when they burst onto the scene in the late 80’s. On the legendary ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ album cover (released in ’89) the rappers known as Dave, Maseo and Pos can all be seen with slight variations of the Hi-Top fade. Sporting this look whilst emceeing about peace and love helped bring the Hi-Top fade to a new audience of Hip Hop fans. Just don’t call them hippies, “that’s pure plug bull”.


4. Patrick Ewing

The legendary center spent most of his career dominating in the paint for the New York Knicks. In an era when everyone aspired to be ‘like Mike’, Ewing provided competition to MJ’s growing empire both on and off court. On court, Ewing had his own bullish style of play using his 7 ft frame to rise above the opposition and stun the crowd with some earth shattering moves. Off court, Ewing released his own Hi-Top sneakers (the 33 Hi’s) to rival the popular Air Jordan’s and also complement his Hi-Top fade.


5. Iman Shumpert

The Cleveland Cavaliers star has been rocking the Hi-Top fade off and on since he hopped into the public eye in 2012. Like many of the other Hi-Top aficionados’ on this list Shumpert is also a rapper having released a steady stream of music in the past few years. However, unlike the others on this list who were making big moves in the 80’s, Shumpert was only born in 1990. Nevertheless Shumpert’s dedication to rocking the throwback haircut has helped pave the way for a Hi-Top renaissance with millennials.

Honourable Mentions: Big Daddy Kane, Jay-Z, Grace Jones, Danny Welbeck and Gerald (from Hey Arnold)

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