When is it OK to cheat on your barber?

It’s said that guys show more loyalty to their barber than their partners. Well, here are 6 instances when we think it’s OK to cheat on your barber.


1. If they eat whilst cutting your hair

Firstly, we’re not advocating starving barbers. No one wants a hangry person near their face with a cut throat razor and we’d never begrudge someone eating a Mars bar sized snack. However, if your barber decides to use your session as the perfect time to eat his jollof rice/jerk chicken/patty (delete as appropriate), well maybe it’s time you moved on. Unless of course you like the look of rice and chicken grease twisted up with your curls.


2. When they’re always late

They are meant to open at 10 am but don’t show up till 11. No warning, no apology and now you’re late for your next engagement. Sound familiar? You’ve been pushing for them to use a legit booking system for a year to no avail. It’s probably time to find someone that appreciates your time.


3. You’ve never seen them clean their equipment

You know that rash on the back of your head that looks like you’ve caught an STD from a crocodile? Yeah, it’s called Tinea Capitis (Ringworm) and is easily spread from person to person via dirty clippers. Find a barber who takes pride in keeping their equipment clean, particularly in between cuts.


4. They never give you the cut YOU want

So you asked for a “1 all over” but instead he hooked you up with a “low fade” because he thinks it looks better? Whilst you’re checking it out in the mirror trying to convince yourself your barber knows best. Consider what life would be like if every time you paid for a service you got something different. It would suck. If it happens one too many times for your liking, get a refund and take your money elsewhere.


5. They’re always on the phone

I get it, he’s a businessman (and a business man) you’ve got to respect the fact he’s going to be taking calls. However that doesn’t give him carte blanche to be talking to everyone in his phone book whilst you’re in the chair. You’re the customer and should be the focus of their attention for that 25-45 mins.


6. They prioritise their friends

Yes we’ve all seen it. You’ve been patiently waiting for 2 hours to get in the chair…then out of nowhere a dude walks in off the street daps your barber and sits down before you can even vocalise your disdain. Sorry to break it to you but he’s just not that into you. Find a barber who values their customers, there are plenty out there.


If any of the above has happened to you. It’s OK, we’re here to help. We’ll get through this. Click the following link to find a new barbershop near you.

Having said that, we also believe that loyalty goes a long way and once you’ve found a great barber, stick with them. If the service starts to deteriorate, let them know. All business owners appreciate constructive feedback…but maybe hold off on the feedback until they’ve finished lining you up.


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